The Institute and it’s main tasks

The Andrei Sakharov Institute was founded in Paris by Lev Ponomarev, a Russian politician and human rights activist and former confidant of the world-famous Russian humanist and scientist Andrei Sakharov.

On February 24, 2022, the day of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, Lev Ponomarev published a petition “Stop the war with Ukraine!”, which was signed by more than a million people in a matter of days. This became the starting point for the formation of the civil movement “Peace. Progress. Human Rights” named after Andrei Sakharov. The main goal of the movement was to find ways to quickly stop the war and transition to building a sustainable democracy in Russia. 

While in exile in France, Lev Ponomarev continued his human rights work and founded the Andrei Sakharov Institute, the main objectives of which were:

  • Supporting Russian civil society in the face of political repression;
  • Assistance to Russian political refugees and deserters;
  • Creating a platform for expert discussion on ending the war, reducing the nuclear threat, uniting the forces of Russian civil society and building the foundations of a strong democracy in Russia.

Main events and news

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Andrey Sakharov

A talented Russian scientist, humanist, who went from a brilliant career in science and the creation of the hydrogen bomb to dissidence, exile and active struggle for a world without a nuclear threat, human rights and democracy in Russia. It was Sakharov who in 1975 voiced to the whole world the simple truth he had suffered through:

“Peace, progress, human rights – these three goals are insolubly linked. You cannot reach one of them while neglecting the others”

Our community

Peace, Progress, Human rights

The Sakharov Institute maintains an open online community of human rights activists, politicians, journalists, people of different backgrounds and experiences who advocate for a world based on the values ​​of peace, progress and human rights.

Our current goals are to end the war and ensure democratic reforms in Russia.

Our current team

Some names are hidden in a purpose of safety

Lev Ponomarev

Head of the Institute

Well-known Russian human rights activist, founder of the Sakharov Institute

Oleg Elanchik

Developer, autor

Russian civil activist, journalist and just a nice guy

Yana Mertsalova

Assistant manager

Journalist, translator, conductor of divine transformations

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